The North & South Staffordshire Regiments

Ypres, Loos, The Somme, Amiens: Just some of the major actions in which Staffordshire regiments distinguished themselves.

A total of 17 battalions wore the badge of the South Staffordshire Regiment, and 18 wore that of the North Staffords. (The Staffordshire Regiment – Prince of Wales’, or simply ‘Staffords’ for short – was not formed until 1959 by the amalgamation of The South Staffordshire Regiment and The North Staffordshire Regiment.)

6th SSR in Trenches WW1

6th SSR in Trenches WW1

Between them the two regiments saw service on The Western Front In France and Flanders, Gallipoli, The Middle East, India and Mesopotamia. Of those that saw active service, losses were tremendous and the total number killed in both regiments was approximately 10,000.

To honour their sacrifice, no less than four Victoria Crosses were awarded to men from the North Staffs Regiment, and seven to men of the South Staffords. Discover more at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum.